About Rumi Knoppel

Rumi Knoppel was born on March 17, 1977 in Paramaribo – Suriname. In 2004, he was faced with a life-changing experience. This experience was the start of his career as a communication/argumentation and Image Transformation coach. Since this experience Rumi started organizing sessions and training programs for different organizations and companies, and also free individual and group sessions. Check out the video below on Rumi his life experience.

In 2015 Rumi wrote the book: “An Interpretation of Communication”. This book is based on the authentically developed concept by Rumi called “Inner Organization”. This book is for only in Dutch, but in the near future the english version will be available. For the book link in Dutch go to: https://www.bol.com/nl/nl/p/innerlijke-organisatie-een-interpretatie-van-communicatie/9200000049672708/

Freedom Vibez

In 2014 Rumi started his radio and television program called “Freedom Vibez” in which he discussed ethics and policy measures with various representatives of the people. These topics covered topics more categorized as taboo or very sensitive. For the link (in Dutch) go to:

Rumi’s Spiritual Vibez

In this program all topics related to spiritual topics come to light. Suriname is rich in spiritual information and the interviews shed a little more light on our spiritual circumstance and the aim is for people to connect more, despite the differences.

Denk’ A Tori

This is a recent podcast in Suriname in which all social and sometimes personal topics of the guests are discussed in a very liad back way, with the intention of learning something from them.

For the link go to:

Seventeen years active

As of 2022, Rumi Knoppel has been active as a Transformation Consultant for 17 years and has provided sessions for several companies, organizations and individuals. The communication and argumentation sessions provided by Rumi are authentic and completely attuned to the Surinamese mentality. In Suriname we have to take into account the different backgrounds of the participants such as; population group, religion, culture, education and upbringing.

Because of so much information that still needs to be released, regarding spirituality, self-growth, politics and community issues, Rumi decided to dedicate his time more on writing. Even though he lives in Suriname, he tends to create and share a more universal perspective on these issues because after all, we’re not only citizens of our countries, we are habitants of the world.


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