Samsung folding phones now mainstream

According to Samsung, about 10 million foldable smartphones were sold in 2021 and a new form factor is finally here. 

 Samsung declared that when it reached the milestone of 10 million foldable smartphones, “the mainstream moments of foldable smartphones are here” in the category considered “radical” three years ago. 

 Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Flip are the most famous foldable mobile phones. Click here to Get a PS5 Now!

“Last year, about 10 million foldable smartphones were shipped worldwide,” according to a posted blog by Dr. Samsung’s “MX” or TMRoh, president and head of the mobile experience business.

“This is more than 300% industry growth from 2020 and we expect this rapid growth to continue. These foldable devices have become widespread and make a bigger claim to the entire smartphone market. It’s becoming a moment of being, “he continued.

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That number probably includes foldable devices such as OppoFindN and HonorMagic V, and perhaps Motorola Razr and Flip and Fold, each with a foldable concept.

Samsung has declared that foldable is the mainstream prior to the Unpacked event on August 10. The event showed that the foldable stage was the central stage. According to

Samsung, 70% of Galaxy foldable buyers chose Flip. It’s a cheap but still expensive successor to the $ 1,980 Fold with Samsung’s first foldable, fragile screen. The 2021 Galaxy X Flip 3 has become a more realistic option at a price of $ 999.99. According to

Samsung, the remaining 30% bought the Galaxy Fold. Roh calls Fold the “ultimate productivity device” for multitasking on the big screen, but Flip customers love Flex mode for easy selfies.

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“Three years ago, Galaxy Foldables were radical in a nutshell, but it soon became clear that this groundbreaking and flexible design fits perfectly into the modern lifestyle. What the novelty was three years behind is now the preferred choice for millions of people. “ In 2018, the Galaxy S line didn’t sell as well as it used to. This year, Samsung announced that it will pack more new technologies into its mid-range Galaxy A-series phones, as well as the finest Galaxy S phones. This can be seen on last year’s Galaxy A series mobile phones, which were popular in Europe.

The sale of 10 million foldable devices in a year is a milestone, but it’s still down compared to the 1.39 billion smartphones shipped last year. This is a 0.7% share of all smartphones shipped in 2021 and is only a small part of Samsung’s 20% share of total smartphone shipments.

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