Rumi Knoppel: About my eBook on Procrastination

Two Step Guide To Breaking Procrastination is a self-help eBook for those who struggle with procrastination. Parents who want and need to guide their children from the age of fourteen and up, regarding matters of studying and other set goals in life.  

The author, being a Transformational/Image Coach for seventeen years, has come across a lot of clients who at some point always reach the point of dealing with procrastination when it comes to their transformation. Transformation is the process in between the starting point for reaching a goal, and the goal itself.
It is the moment in which things must leave their old form and tear off all that is not of use anymore, in order for it to make that change. And changing to a new version and holding on to the new version of yourself takes a lot of discipline, more specifically mind discipline. And for achievement, the most powerful force is the energy of love one has for the set goal. 

Although I do not pretend to be the ultimate expert on the subject, I did develop a solution and although it is not claimed to be THE solution, it definitely is A solution for dealing with procrastination, that has proven it’s worth over the years.

These two steps are short and sweet and cover the internal and emotional side of of what is necessary on how to look at this challenge, and it also covers it the practical side which is necessary for translating the internal to the practical.

The way we see and not see situations in our lives determine every outcome. Perspective is winning half the battle but actually powering through the moment or moments when words and thoughts are merely not enough, is the key to success.

We underestimate the power and (un)intended deceit of emotions, especially given the fact that emotions can be both powerful and very cunning. It is a subliminal state of war in which we live, constantly battling emotions and thoughts that do not serve us or our goals. Keeping it simple yet effective is an approach I used but nevertheless, the ultimate results depend on the willpower and responsibility of the reader him or herself.
Enjoy making a habit of breaking a habit!

The eBook “Two Step Guide To Breaking Procrastination” is now available at Amazon for USD 2.99.


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