Government and progress

The biggest obstacle to humanity’s true progress is the combined conviction of dependence and an unjust acknowledgement of value to others:

1. Dependency: the majority believes that it needs a small group of people to create a better life for the majority, allowing this small group of people to have illogical privileges and power to decide about matters that they do not have the right to decide about.

2. Unjust acknowledgement of value to others: The acknowledgement hat this small group of people belongs to an exceptionally super breed.

The government has been promising a paradise in one form or another for centuries now, but:

– Has poverty, violence, crime, corruption, environmental pollution and the destruction of natural resources by multinationals decreased or has it become worse?

– In the end, do citizens worldwide not regularly face government in some kind of conflict when the most destructive decisions have been made by the government?

– Is genocide, war and mass slavery not trademarks of governments?

– Have you had to pay more or less money to the government over the years?

–  If this super race is so strong, why do they force you to pay for their promises? Can’t they organize the money themselves as they are so eager to offer this paradise to you?

– Should this super race have power over your right to deicide over your property and sovereignty when they are here to serve you?

Do you really believe that your quality of life depends on their existence or has their very existence caused your quality of life to deteriorate?

Do you really believe that they are capable of doing exceptional things for you as a central body that we as a community, without the aspect of power, could not do ourselves and better?

The quality of your reality is in your hands. You get what you believe. Perhaps it is time to reassess what we believe in. Maybe it is time to believe differently in one’s own abilities and realize that after centuries of proof, a small group of people can not or will not improve your quality of life. Maybe a centralized system should make place for a decentralized system where everyone is free to realize ideas and not dependent on the ideas of a few, forged with power.

Rumi Knoppel


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