Truth and freedom


The truth is, is that all of us carry our own inner truth.

The truth is, is that not many  are truly willing to accept our inner truth. That is not strange, because many of us barely accept our own inner truth. Failing to accept this reality means to deny freedom.

The truth is, is that if we as a human species are not willing to focus, acknowledge and accept the inner truth of ourselves and others, we will remain in a state of invisible yet undeniable psychological warfare.

The truth is, is that we need to re-evaluate our perception of love. What has been taught to us all these centuries? How is it possible that two lovers start off so pure and most of the time end up with emotions of hate and animosity?

The truth is, is that we have been taught that love is something we can shape others into.


The truth is, is that most of us generally live an every day lie.

The truth is, is that we feel the pressure and discomfort of this every day lie.

The truth is, is that many of us have lied so much so long, that we do not even know what our inner truth is. We live and die by a mask.

The truth is, is that this mask is our prison… created by the psychological warfare through the power of influence. Being a prisoner of life logically kills the spirit, because the very nature of the spirit is freedom for the spirit is without boundaries.

The truth is, is that change ultimately begins with each and everyone one of us, simply by understanding freedom and accepting the truth.

Rumi K.


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